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7138 東証グロース(小売業)




(公開日 2022.03.25)


TORICO(7138 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in Manga-related businesses centering on selling complete sets of comics through e-commerce

Engaged in Manga-Related Businesses Centering on Selling through E-Commerce
TORICO Group is engaged in manga-related businesses. Its net sales is categorized into the e-commerce service, which centers on an online bookstore specialized in selling complete sets of comics, the digital comic distribution service and the event service, which includes selling manga-related goods at its stores as well as through e-commerce. The e-commerce service accounted for 90.3% of net sales in the fiscal year ended March 2021, the digital comic distribution service for 5.4% and the event service for 4.3%.

E-Commerce Service
In the e-commerce service, in addition to the online bookstore specialized in selling complete sets of comics, the company operates an online bookstore for women and an online bookstore for men. In addition to e-commerce sites directly operated by the company, it also sells through stores in e-commerce malls operated by Rakuten, Amazon and Yahoo.

Although the online bookstore specialized in selling complete sets of comics also sells electronic comics, net sales mainly comes from selling paper comics in complete sets. The number of members who actually purchased on the online bookstore specialized in selling complete sets of comics in the past is 441,284 as of the end of 2021.

Digital Comic Distribution Service
In the digital comic distribution service, it operates digital comic distribution services, one targeting Japan and another targeting overseas, as well as editing and publishing the company’s original manga works.

The digital comic distribution services enable users to read each episode in a breather by dividing one comic into a number of episodes. Partly due to the fact that users can read some of the manga free of charge, they are services for casual users of manga. The revenue is from advertisements that appear when viewing manga and purchases made by customers.

Event Service
In the event service, the company holds manga events at its stores and conducts autograph signing sessions of manga artists, displays of original works and sales of original limited goods and related books.














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