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7115 東証スタンダード(卸売業)




(公開日 2022.12.27)


Alpha Purchase(7115 TSE Standard)

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Develops indirect material sales business and facility/equipment management business

Develops Indirect Material Sales Business and Facility/Equipment Management Business
Alpha Purchase operates the maintenance repair and operation business (MRO business) and the facility management business (FM business).

In Japan, MRO is often referred to as the sale of indirect materials such as parts for repairing equipment and machinery, stationery and office equipment, so the company also refers to the sale of MRO products as the MRO business. On the other hand, equipment/facility management is included in MRO in the broad sense of the term, but because of the difference between selling goods and providing services, the company classifies it as the FM business.

In fiscal year ended December 2021, the MRO business accounted for 74.5% of total net sales, the FM business for 25.3% and others for 0.3%. Segment profit margin was 1.9% for the MRO business and 2.8% for the FM business.

MRO Business Supports Purchasing Process of Indirect Materials for Large Companies
The MRO business uses the internet to streamline processes from ordering to delivery, and sells indirect materials such as consumables that companies purchase on a daily basis. Indirect materials are typical high-mix, low-volume, small-value commodities with low purchase volume and low unit cost per item.

The company operates to serve entire corporate groups of large companies as customers by providing the optimal IT platform for their purchases, leveraging its strength in being able to purchase (1) the optimal products from a wide selection of products, (2) at competitive unit prices and (3) through customers‘ controlled internal decision-making.

FM Business
Facility management generally refers to the overall management of all business assets, including land, buildings, structures and equipment, to operate and maintain them at minimum cost and maximum utilization. The company limits its services to new construction, renovation, repair, cleaning and operational support for the interior and exterior of commercial facilities and equipment, as well as the provision of construction building materials to meet each store’s construction schedule.


アルファパーチェス(以下、同社)は、間接材物販事業(「Maintenance Repair and Operation事業、以下、MRO事業)と設備・施設管理事業(Facility Management事業、以下、FM事業)を展開している。











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