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7110 東証グロース(小売業)




(公開日 2022.08.09)


Kurashicom(7110 TSE Growth)

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Operates e-commerce site for apparel, kitchenware and interior goods that embody perspectives of Nordic culture

Operates Apparel and General Merchandise e-Commerce Site
Kurashicom operates an e-commerce site featuring apparel, kitchenware and interior goods that embody the perspectives of Nordic culture with a mission to “Create a life that fits your lifestyle.”

The company's two business lines are the Direct to Customer (D2C) domain, in which the company sells products directly to individual customers via its e-commerce site, and the Brand Solution domain, in which it introduces its client companies’ brands and products through the site.

The D2C domain accounted for 94.0% of net sales in fiscal year ended July 2021, and the Brand Solution domain for 6.0%.

D2C Domain
The majority of D2C domain customers are women, with almost a third each in their 30s, 40s and 50s or older. In terms of product mix, apparel accounts for about 55%, and general merchandise such as kitchenware and interior goods for around 40%. Moreover, products from KURASHI&Trips PUBLISHING, Kurashicom’s original brand that proprietarily designs apparel and other products, accounts for about half of net sales.

Brand Solution Domain
In the Brand Solution domain, the company primarily targets manufacturers of food, beverages, daily necessities and other consumer goods. Kurashicom earns revenue from these companies by introducing their products and brands as well as by supporting sales promotions. As of the end of July 2021, the company had worked with more than 100 brands.

A major initiative is BRAND NOTE, in which the company's employees and others actually try the brands and products of client companies and provide their experience as reading material on the e-commerce site. Other examples include BRAND MOVIE, which uses videos to introduce new brands, and BRAND GIFT, where promotional products from client companies are bundled in when shipping products in the D2C domain.



同社の事業セグメントは、ライフカルチャープラットフォーム事業の単一セグメントであるが、ビジネスラインとしては、同社がECサイトで個人顧客に直接商品を販売する「D2C(Direct to Customer)ドメイン」と「北欧、暮らしの道具店」を通じて企業のブランド、商品を紹介する「ブランドソリューションドメイン」の2つがある。


D2Cドメインの顧客層は殆どが女性で、年代別には30歳代、40歳代、50歳代以上がそれぞれほぼ三分の一ずつを占める。商品構成は、アパレルが約55%、キッチン用品やインテリア雑貨等の雑貨が約40%となっている。また、アパレルを中心とした自社企画のオリジナルブランド「KURASHI&Trips PUBLISHING」の商品が売上高の約50%を占める。






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