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7092 東証プライム(サービス業)


Fast Fitness Japan


(公開日 2020.12.18)


Fast Fitness Japan(7092 TSE Prime)

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Operating Anytime Fitness 24-hour fitness clubs

Master Franchisee in Japan of Anytime Fitness
Fast Fitness Japan develops its business as a master franchisee in Japan of U.S. fitness club chain Anytime Fitness. The company owns the largest number of gyms in Japan among 24-hour fitness club operators.

The company holds the rights to license sub-franchisees in Japan and has expanded its gym network by concluding contracts with sub-franchisees (FC). Its consolidated subsidiary also operates gyms as one of the FCs.

Its sales are classified into three segments: gym sales, which is net sales at gyms that the group operates; FC sales, which is revenue from FC gyms; and other operating revenue.

Change in Number of Gyms
After becoming the master franchisee in Japan in June 2010 and obtaining the rights to license sub-franchisees in Japan, the company opened its first directly managed gym in
October 2010 and its first FC gym in May 2011. Since then, it has increased the number of gyms it operates and as of the end of September 2020, it has developed 829 gyms
(149 directly managed gyms and 680 FC gyms) in 47 prefectures across Japan. The ratio of directly managed gyms to total number of gyms is 18.0%.


Fast Fitness Japan(以下、同社)は、米国のフィットネスクラブチェーンである「Anytime Fitness(エニタイムフィットネス)」の日本におけるマスター・フランチャイジーとして事業展開をしている。10年10月に国内1号店をオープンして以降着実に店舗数を増やしていき、24時間フィットネスクラブでは国内最多の店舗を有している。








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