6230 東証スタンダード(機械)



(公開日 2020.12.29)


SANEI(6230 TSE Standard)

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Manufacturing and selling water supply equipment and drainage parts with superior design and strong in custom-built houses and for-sale condominiums

Specialized Manufacturer of Water-related Products; 90% of Products for Residences
SANEI group manufactures and sells water faucets, water faucet metal fittings, connectors, plumbing parts and other water-related products. About 90% of its net sales are from products for residences and 10% are from products for accommodation facilities and other non-residences. It manufactures its products at four bases; two factories in Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture, one factory in Osaka City and one factory in Dalian, China.

Four Sales Channels
The company categorizes net sales into four segments by sales channel; piping and plumbing equipment channel, retail channel, manufacturer channel and overseas/others channel.

The piping and plumbing equipment channel refers to sales to piping and plumbing equipment stores that handle materials related to kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, etc., and a relatively large amount of products are for new residential constructions. The retail channel refers to sales to DIY stores, home appliance mass retailers, etc. that develop business nationwide, and many products are for renovation use. Manufacturer channel refers to product provisions to general housing equipment manufacturers. Overseas/others channel refers to exports to China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and others.

Developing Various Brands
A characteristic of the company is that it positions water supply equipment and drainage parts as materials that constitute the interior, and provides various brands from popular products to high price range products. Other than for use in residences, it provides a product lineup that also assumes usage in suites and penthouses of hotels.











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