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6224 東証グロース(機械)




(公開日 2023.08.10)


JRC(6224 TSE Growth)

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Developing the conveyor parts business as a stable revenue source and the robot SI business as a growth area

Developing Conveyor Business and Robot SI Business
JRC operates in the conveyor business, which involves the manufacturing and selling of outdoor belt conveyor components and the robot SI business which offers support for introducing and integrating robots into factories and other facilities.

The conveyor business accounted for 94.4% of net sales in fiscal year ended February 2023, and its segment profit margin is high, at 14.9%. JRC is focusing on the robot SI business as a growth area. While the robot SI business accounted for 5.6% of net sales in fiscal year ended February 2023, it recorded a segment loss of 12 million yen.

Conveyor Business
JRC designs, manufactures and sells outdoor conveyor parts including rollers, pulleys, stands, idlers and belt cleaners. Outdoor belt conveyors are used in large-scale and demanding environments to transport heavy loads over long distances. They are essential components in steel mills, construction and engineering sites, cement plants, mines and power plants.

According to estimates from JRC, in fiscal year of 2021, among 10 domestic conveyor parts manufacturers, JRC held approximately 52% of the market share. Moreover, amidst rising material costs, JRC effectively transfers these costs to its sales prices, with the portion of renewals and replacements accounting for 86% of the order value in fiscal year ended February 2023. Consequently, this has put JRC in a position to secure stable earnings.

In terms of production, the JRC made it possible to manufacture products of uniform quality by being one of the first in the industry to introduce an automatic roller assembly line developed in-house at the company’s main plant in Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture, in 1989. The company has four plants, including its main plant, and can respond to customers nationwide.

Robot SI Business
In May 2018, JRC launched its fully-fledged robot SI business, under the ALFIS brand. The company provides comprehensive support for the needs assessment and introduction of robots, from concept proposals to operation. As a conveyor parts manufacturer, JRC leverages its expertise in robotization and automation to meet end-users’ needs, such as high-mix low-volume production and shorter lead times.


JRCグループは、屋外用ベルトコンベヤ部品の製造・販売とコンベヤの課題解決ソリューションを提供する「コンベヤ事業」を主力事業としている。また、工場などに対してロボットの導入をサポートする「ロボットSI事業」に注力している。連結子会社には、コンベヤ事業に属するJRC C&M(兵庫県小野市)と大成(福岡県北九州市)がある。











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