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5884 東証グロース(小売業)




(公開日 2023.07.04)


KURADASHI(5884 TSE Growth)

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Contributing to the reduction of food waste

Operating Kuradashi to Help Reduce Food Waste
KURADASHI operates a platform called Kuradashi, which plays a role in reducing food waste. Unlike the primary market, a sales distribution channel for new goods, and the secondary market, for used goods, there is a market between the primary and secondary, known as the in-between market, where goods, despite being new, are discarded in the distribution process. Amidst the growing concerns of food waste as a social problem, KURADASHI provides a system for this in-between market, aiming to reduce food waste.

The company’s net sales are divided into three categories: (1) online sales of food waste products, (2) sales of food waste products at permanent stores, and (3) provision of e-commerce marketing services to food manufacturers and related companies. In fiscal year ended June 2022, food waste product sales made up the majority of the company’s net sales, with online sales accounting for 89% and sales at permanent stores for 10%.

Kuradashi Implements “Sanpo Yoshi,” a Three-Way Satisfaction Approach
Kuradashi is an e-commerce site for food waste products that is equipped with a function to match sellers with buyers.

Food manufacturers and other sellers face difficulties related to food waste, such as having to discard food products before their best-before dates due to business practices and having to produce more than the actual sales forecast in anticipation of such discards.

Food manufacturers can convert the cost of disposal into profit while solving their problems by listing food waste products, such as items to be discarded and unsold stock, on Kuradashi. Furthermore, their efforts toward reducing food waste can enhance their reputation as an environmentally conscious company. In search of these merits, the number of companies listing products for sale on the platform reached an aggregate total of 1,319 as of the end of March 2023.

On the other hand, registered members (buyers) are able to buy food products at a lower price than if they were new and can experience a sense of satisfaction from contributing to society. The aggregate total number of members was 462,879 as of the end of March 2023.




(2)フードロス商品の常設店舗での販売の「Kuradashi Hub」
(3)食品メーカー等を対象にECマーケティングサービスを提供する「Kuradashi Stores」

22/6期の売上高の89%を「Kuradashi」が、10%を「Kuradashi Hub」が占めており、フードロス商品の販売が大半を占めている。










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