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5845 東証スタンダード(その他金融業)




(公開日 2023.10.27)


ZENHOREN(5845 TSE Standard)

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Japan’s largest rent liability guarantee service provider

Guaranteeing Rent Payment to Lessors
ZENHOREN, Japan’s largest rent liability guarantee company, provides rent liability guarantee services that guarantee rental payments to the lessor. When the lessee does not pay rent, ZENHOREN makes subrogated payments on behalf of the lessee and later collects the rent subrogated from the lessee.

The rent liability guarantee service also serves as a joint guarantor for tenants in lease agreements. Joint guarantors are required for rental housing lease contracts. However, the number of tenants who cannot find a joint guarantor or do not want to ask their acquaintances is increasing, and so is the demand for rent liabilities guarantee services.

The types of properties covered by ZENHOREN’s rent liability guarantee service are residential, commercial, parking and warehouse/trunk room storage spaces.

ZENHOREN's strength lies in its network of contracted companies. Although the lessee concludes a rent liability guarantee agreement, it is the contracted companies that choose which rent liability guarantee company to engage. ZENHOREN partners with more than 41,000 contracted companies that have sales bases reaching a combined total of about 50,000 locations. Even listed rent liability guarantee companies, with a comparatively large number of contracted companies, do not have close to half of ZENHOREN’s reach in terms of contracted company presence.

Other Services
In addition to its basic services described above, ZENHOREN offers a mechanism that uses trust accounts to eliminate rent delinquency risk for lessors. ZENHOREN also offers a service that allows users to conclude rent liability guarantees and fire insurance contracts concurrently and an online system for contracted companies that will enable them to make API-based applications, create contracts and manage contracts.

Another new area the company has ventured into is school fees guarantees, which it began offering in June 2023. Guaranteeing the payment of school fees of specialized vocational schools is not only a field in which it is a pioneer but one that also bears social significance. ZENHOREN can be expected to focus on this area as a field to demonstrate and leverage its expertise.














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