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5576 東証スタンダード(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.06.23)


O.B.System(5576 TSE Standard)

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Providing system integration services primarily for projects commissioned by the Hitachi Group

Provider of System Integration Services
O.B.System provides system integration services, encompassing the design, development and maintenance of systems ranging from mainframes to cloud computing. Additionally, the company sells its own proprietary software products.

The scope of O.B.System’s business domain is divided into four segments: finance, industrial distribution, social welfare and IT innovation. The finance segment accounted for 40.1% of fiscal year ended March 2023 net sales, industrial distribution for 28.5%, social welfare for 23.5% and IT innovation for 7.9%.

Many of the development projects are contracted by prime contractor system integrators and domestic IT firms, which accounted for 88.1% of net sales in fiscal year ended March 2023. Major customers include Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric Software.

In the finance segment, O.B.System does a considerable volume of development and maintenance work on systems for banks. Its strength lies in developing middleware that connects operating systems and applications.

The industrial distribution segment focuses primarily on distribution, food products and electrical machinery. With regard to distribution, the company handles sales management systems for electronics mass merchandisers. In food products, it provides systems for food wholesalers. The company also develops microcomputer software for home appliances in the electrical machinery sector. The industrial distribution segment also includes the sale of proprietary software, development tailored to suit customer needs and maintenance.

Many of the products in the social welfare segment are for government offices and local governments, electric power and media information. The company handles numerous municipal operation system development and system restructuring projects for government offices and local governments. In the social welfare segment, the ratio of direct sales is relatively high compared with the company’s other segments, particularly for media information and universities.

The IT innovation segment is a service line that the company spun off from the finance segment in April 2022. It mainly comprises the construction of cloud system infrastructure in cloud systems and the development of systems to support customers' digital transformation. Many projects the company undertakes are commissioned by the Hitachi Group.











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