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5574 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.06.16)


ABEJA(5574 TSE Growth)

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Aiming for growth in AI system implementation in core operations of large companies

Leveraging AI to Support Customers’ Digital Transformation
ABEJA is engaged in the digital platform business to support customers’ digital transformation activities. The company offers integrated services ranging from constructing an AI system that leverages deep learning technology, based on customers’ business process data, on its proprietary ABEJA Platform, to operating the system. ABEJA is an affiliate of Sompo Holdings, with sales to this company ranging from slightly over 30% to just under 40% of total net sales.

ABEJA Platform is a software suite that offers processes from data generation, data collection, data processing and data analysis to AI modeling necessary for the execution of digital transformation. It operates continuously and stably in cloud environments such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Client companies can accumulate the data needed to construct an AI system on ABEJA Platform. Data processing and other functions will be performed in an environment featuring computing resources and guaranteed security. Integrating such data with AI models enables and facilitates the construction of AI systems such as attribute estimation, anomaly detection and more, instead of building them from scratch. In fiscal year ended August 2022, sales related to ABEJA Platform accounted for 83.6% of total net sales.

Business Model
Sales are categorized into the transformation field and operation field, with the former accounting for 84% of net sales and the latter for 16% in fiscal year ended August 2022.

ABEJA Platform-related sales accounting for the majority of the transformation field net sales, consist of consulting services which include formulation of overall strategies for the promotion of digital transformation, construction of AI systems on ABEJA Platform, integration with existing systems and training of digital human resources, establishment of organizations to promote digital transformation and more.

The operation field net sales consist of ABEJA Platform usage fees during the construction of AI systems as well as after the systems become operational, income from ABEJA Insight for Retail, a service for retail businesses that operate on ABEJA Platform, and other offerings. For the operation field, the company receives monthly usage fees and other revenue.


ABEJAは、自社開発したABEJA Platform上に、顧客の業務プロセスのデータに基づき、ディープラーニング技術を活用したAIシステムを構築し、そのシステム運用までを一貫して提供することで、顧客のデジタルトランスフォーメーション(以下、DX)を支援するデジタルプラットフォーム事業を行っている。

ABEJA Platformは、DXの実行に必要なデータ生成からデータ収集、データ加工、データ分析、AIモデリングまでのプロセスを提供し、継続的・安定的な運用を行うソフトウェア群で、GCP(Google Cloud Platform)やAWS(Amazon Web Services)等のクラウド上で運営されている。

ABEJA Platformは、

顧客企業は、AIシステム構築に必要なデータをABEJA Platformに蓄積することで、コンピューティングリソースやセキュリティを担保した環境下で、データ加工等を行い、当該データとBaaSレイヤーにあるAIモデルを組み合わせることで、属性推定システム、異常検知システム等といったAIシステムを一から立ち上げるより簡便に構築することができる。

22/8期のABEJA Platform関連の売上高比率は83.6%であった。その他は大企業向けのITコンサルティングの売上高等である。







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