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5256 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.04.04)


Fusic(5256 TSE Growth)

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Constructing and operating systems on the cloud and leveraging AI and IoT in support of customers’ digital transformation

Construct and Operate Systems on the Cloud and Provide Digital Transformation Support
Fusic, headquartered in Fukuoka City, is engaged in the migration of on-premise systems to cloud systems, the development and operation of systems on the cloud, supporting clients’ digital transformation and offering proprietary products and services.

The company provides three services: cloud integration services, data integration services and other services.
The company’s cloud integration services, data integration services and other services businesses accounted for 75.7%, 17.5% and 6.6%, respectively, of net sales in fiscal year ended June 2022. Kyushu and the Tokyo metropolitan area each accounted for about 45% of net sales, with the share of sales in the latter growing in recent years. Fusic's strength is in the public sector—such as universities and R&D institutions—which accounts for about 30% of net sales.

The cloud integration services are comprised of the following three services, utilizing primarily the AWS cloud, although it also supports Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other platforms.

1) Construction of cloud environment to enable migration from on-premise systems to cloud systems and development of cloud-based applications
2) Billing service as an AWS reseller, purchasing in dollars and reselling in yen to customers
3) Maintenance and operation of systems constructed on the cloud

For data integration services, the company develops systems that leverage AI, IoT, big data analysis and more in promoting digital transformation for client businesses.

In the other services business, Fusic offers proprietary products 360 (san roku maru) and sigfy in the form of monthly or pay-per-use services.

360 is a service that allows for an efficient 360-degree evaluation of each employee by colleagues and other members of the company. sigfy is a contact service connecting schools and parents, and had 110,000 users as of January 2023.


Fusic(以下、同社)は、福岡市に本社を置き、オンプレミスシステムから主にAmazon Web Services(以下、AWS)のクラウドサービスを活用したクラウドシステムへの移行や、クラウド上でのシステム開発と運用、AIやIoTとクラウドシステムの組み合わせによる顧客のデジタルトランスフォーメーション(以下、DX)支援、自社開発のプロダクトサービスの提供を行っている。











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