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5254 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2023.03.31)


Arent(5254 TSE Growth)

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Digital transformation consulting/development specializing in construction and plant industries

Construction Industry Specialists in Digital Transformation Consulting and Development
Arent provides digital transformation consulting, system development, and product sales. In terms of industry, the company specializes in construction and plant engineering. The most distinctive feature of its business is that the solutions created are commercialized jointly with client companies and then sold to other firms in the client company's industry.

The company's operations are classified into the following three segments. The product co-creation segment is the key generator of net sales and profits for the company.

Product Co-Creation Segment
This segment performs consulting and system development for construction and plant engineering industry companies in support of their digital transformation implementation. Despite the segment itself being small in size, it also includes the net sales and profits of VestOne, a consolidated subsidiary established as a collaborative venture with Nisshinbo Holdings.

Arent's development is based on agile development methodology. As the process moves forward, the development grows in scale and stability, and projects accumulate. There were 15 projects as of the end of December 2022.

Co-Creation Product Sales Segment
The company jointly commercializes solutions created in the product co-creation segment with client companies and sells them externally. At present, this includes the business of PlantStream, a joint venture in which Chiyoda Corporation and the company each have an interest of 50%.

The company has been involved in a project since August 2018 to resolve the piping design issues Chiyoda Corporation had been facing. In July 2020 it founded a joint venture company to enable the external sale of the developed products.

In-House Product Segment
Unlike the co-creation product sales segment, where products are developed jointly with client companies, this segment sells licenses for software developed in-house— primarily to construction industry clients.











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