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5244 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2024.03.01)


jig.jp(5244 TSE Growth)

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Mainstay in the live streaming business which operates the live streaming app, WhoWatch, for general users

1. Corporate Overview

jig.jp group consists of three entities, which are jig.jp and its consolidated subsidiaries, A Inc. and B Inc. Specializing in the live streaming business and browser business for general consumers, the group’s live streaming business accounts for a majority of its net sales.

2. Financial Analysis

Revenue has shown steady growth with an increase in the number of unique paid users. In fiscal year ended March 2022, jig.jp posted ordinary loss of 253 million yen due to an increase in expenses associated with aggressive advertising. However, with appropriate control over advertising expenses, in fiscal year ended March 2023, the company posted ordinary profit of 986 million yen.
jig.jp has shown high growth rates in its corporate performance in recent years. Over fiscal years ended March 2021 to March 2023, net sales increased from 6,700 million yen to 10,503 million yen, and ordinary profit increased from 66 million yen to 986 million yen.

3. Non-Financial Analysis

A noteworthy aspect of jig.jp's core intellectual capital is its accumulated expertise in operating a live streaming business and attracting customers, as well as a system to ensure the robustness of its operations and a variety of live streamers and viewers.

4. Corporate Strategy Analysis

jig.jp's basic strategy is to increase its number of unique paid users and aim for sustainable growth through appropriate control of net sales per person.

5. Analyst Evaluation

We believe that jig.jp will be able to achieve continuous growth in the number of unique paid users, which is the company’s basic strategy, by continuing to conduct advertising with a focus on cost-effectiveness.
In terms of corporate performance, we predict that jig.jp’s performance for fiscal year ending March 2024 will slightly exceed its corporate plan. It will continue recording revenue and profit growth in fiscal year ending March 2025 and beyond.


・jig.jpグループは、jig.jpと連結子会社A Inc.、B Inc.の3社で構成されている。「利用者に最も近いソフトウェアを提供し、より豊かな社会を実現する」という企業理念のもと、一般消費者向けのライブ配信事業、ブラウザ事業などを行っており、ライブ配信事業が売上高の大部分を占めている。










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