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5240 東証グロース(情報・通信)


monoAI technology


(公開日 2022.12.23)


monoAI technology(5240 TSE Growth)

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Offering enterprise services leveraging metaverse platform developed internally

Offering Services Leveraging Metaverse Platforms
monoAI technology group has developed XR CLOUD, a metaverse platform powered by technologies it has accumulated through online game development, such as massive simultaneous connections, three-dimensional virtual space creation and AI. Based on this XR CLOUD, the group offers enterprise services and XR-related technology.

The metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual space digitally created on the internet. Using avatars, which are virtual self-representations, users communicate with other users, enjoy content such as games and music, sell and buy products, etc.

The group’s offering consists of metaverse service, XR event service, and other XR-related services. The metaverse service, XR event service and other XR-related services accounted for 72.6%, 6.6% and 20.8%, respectively, of total net sales for fiscal year ended December 2021.

Metaverse Service
For the metaverse service, the group offers XR CLOUD as OEM service and conducts contract development of metaverse platforms with added features for each customer, as well as event operation and other services on the platform once it is up and running.

XR Event Service
The group offers various events on its XR CLOUD through the XR event service launched during fiscal year ended December 2021. Events it hosts include sessions for prospective employees, internal networking events, in-house meetings and exhibitions.

XR-Related Services
As for XR-related services, the group provides game developers and VR developers with its Monobit Engine, a communication middleware that enables massive simultaneous connections for online games. The group also offers system design and research and development of AI-based software quality assurance services as well as an AI conversation generator for casual conversations with humans.


monoAI technology(以下、同社)グループは、同社と子会社2社、持分法適用関連会社1社からなり、オンラインゲーム開発で培った多人数同時接続技術や3次元仮想空間作成技術、AI技術等を活用してメタバースプラットフォームXR CLOUDを開発し、このXR CLOUDを使ったサービス及びXR関連の技術を企業向けに提供している。




メタバースサービスでは、XR CLOUDをOEM提供し、その上に顧客ごとの機能を付加したメタバースプラットフォームの受託開発を行い、プラットフォーム稼働後はプラットフォーム上でのイベントの運営受託等を行っている。収益はプラットフォームの受託開発収益、イベントの運営受託収益、プラットフォームのユーザー数に応じた利用料等である。






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