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5137 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2022.12.16)


SmartDrive(5137 TSE Growth)

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Supporting client companies in heightening operational efficiency and creating new businesses through use of vehicle mobility data

Utilizing Vehicle Mobility Data to Support Operational Efficiency and New Business Creation
The SmartDrive group comprises the company and SmartDrive Sdn. Bhd. of Malaysia. Utilizing mobility data on vehicle movement, the company provides cloud-based fleet management systems for commercial vehicles and supports the creation of new businesses and services for companies such as automobile manufacturers as well as leasing and insurance companies.

The company uses GPS data, ranging from current location to travel route and speed, obtained from various devices installed in client companies' vehicles, such as cigarette lighter socket devices and drive recorders equipped with communication functions, as well as driver behavior and other data acquired from acceleration sensors. The data is stored in the Mobility Data Platform, the company's cloud-based database, through mobile communication networks.

The SmartDrive Group works to develop three types of services and businesses: the domestic fleet operator business for companies that use commercial vehicles; the domestic asset owner business for companies that supply products and offer services to companies that use vehicles, such as automobile manufacturers and leasing and insurance companies; and the overseas mobility DX business through its Malaysian subsidiary.

The domestic fleet operator business accounted for 67.4% of net sales in the fiscal year ended September 2022, the domestic asset owner business for 32.5% and the overseas mobility DX business for 0.1%. The overseas mobility DX business having accounted for such a small portion of net sales is partly due to the fact that SmartDrive Sdn. Bhd was only established in March 2020, but it is also largely attributable to the fact that its business development has been constrained by the pandemic.


スマートドライブ(以下、同社)グループは、同社とマレーシアのSmartDrive Sdn. Bhd.からなり、「移動の進化を後押しする」とのビジョンのもと、国内外の車両等の移動に関するモビリティデータを活用し、業務用車両のクラウド型車両管理システムの提供や、自動車メーカーやリース会社、保険会社等の新規事業・サービスの創出支援を行っている。

同社が利用するモビリティデータは、顧客企業の車両に設置したシガーソケット型デバイスや通信機能付ドライブレコーダー等の各種デバイスから取得するGPSデータ(現在位置、移動経路、移動速度等)や加速度センサーで得たドライバーの運転挙動等のデータである。移動体通信ネットワークを通じて同社のクラウド上のデータベースであるMobility Data Platformに蓄積される。


22/9期の売上高構成比は、国内FO事業が67.4%、国内AO事業が32.5%、海外モビリティDX事業が0.1%であった。海外モビリティDX事業の構成比が低いのは、SmartDrive Sdn. Bhdは20年3月に設立されたばかりということもあるが、コロナ禍の影響で事業展開が制約を受けてきた影響が大きい。






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