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5134 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2022.11.18)


POPER(5134 TSE Growth)

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Operates an operation management platform for private tutoring schools

Operation of Comiru, an Operation Management Platform for Private Tutoring Schools
POPER develops and operates Comiru, an SaaS-type operation management platform specifically for private tutoring schools. In addition to Comiru, the company offers online classes, home study support services and labor management and communication services for tutors and others. Comiru is POPER’s primary service, however, and accounts for the majority of the company's net sales.

POPER released Comiru in December 2015. Comiru's services are divided into three categories: the communication function, the operation management function, and the student acquisition function.

As a communication function, announcements from the tutoring school can be checked using LINE. Moreover, a card bearing a QR code is issued to students for each classroom, which can be read by a smartphone or other device to manage classroom access. Room entry and exit information is also communicated to parents' smartphones. A dedicated app can also be used to make parent-teacher meeting appointments and manage the content of the discussions.

The operation management function makes possible the automatic generation of monthly invoices, confirmation of payment status and management of accounts receivable. Moreover, the company offers a reduced account transfer service charge of 68 yen per transaction for tuition and other fees paid to the clearing bank as well as a minimum payment fee of 1.7% for payments made by credit card.

The student acquisition function facilitates the management of prospective customers, collection and posting of word-of-mouth reviews by school graduates and web-based application for trial session reservations and requests for brochures.

Comiru offers three plans: Comiru FREE, Comiru BASIC and Comiru PRO. Comiru BASIC offers the three aforementioned functions. Comiru FREE, which is available at no charge, allows the use of the student acquisition function, with the exception of trial session scheduling via the web. Comiru PRO is designed for major education providers and enables the visualization of key performance indicators for multiple classrooms and integration of Comiru’s functions with their core systems via an application programming interface.














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