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5038 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2022.09.20)


eWeLL(5038 TSE Growth)

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Provides primarily electronic medical record services specifically for home-visit nursing

Develops and Markets Electronic Medical Record Services Exclusively for Home-Visit Nursing
eWeLL operates a service business for home-visit nursing stations. Its key service is iBow, an electronic medical record service specifically for home-visit nursing service.

Net sales are divided into cloud services, BPO services, and others, in line with the nature of the service. In first half of fiscal year ending December 2022, cloud services accounted for 93.8% of net sales, BPO services 5.2%, and others 1.0%.

Cloud Services
The company mainly provides iBow and iBow Receipt, a dedicated home-visit nursing receipt system with insurance billing capabilities, and iBow KINTAI, a dedicated home-visit nursing attendance management system, to home-visit nursing stations. In first half of fiscal year ending December 2022, iBow accounted for 93.8% of net sales, iBow Receipt 6.2%, and iBow KINTAI 0.0%.

iBow is an electronic medical record service specifically for home-visit nursing stations that allows nurses and others to easily create records and review past medical records at patients’ homes. Home-visit nursing stations can streamline their home nursing operations using iBow. This allows nurses, etc. to focus on safe, secure home-visit nursing, and increase the number of home visits for each nurse, etc.

The number of stations contracted with iBow grew from 769 at the end of March 2019 to 1,977 at the end of June 2022.

iBow Receipt is linked to iBow. When a nurse creates a record of the visits to patient's home and the care provided, iBow also enables the automatic generation of a receipt.

BPO Service
The company’s BPO service consists of iBow office work outsourcing services. iBow office work outsourcing services handles receipt operations at home-visit nursing stations on the clients’ behalf.





同社は主に訪問看護ステーションに対して、訪問看護専用電子カルテサービスである「iBow」や保険請求を行う機能を有する訪問看護専用レセプトシステム「iBow レセプト」、訪問看護専用勤怠管理システム「iBow KINTAI」を提供している。22/12期上期における売上構成比は、「iBow」が93.8%、「iBow レセプト」が6.2%、「iBow KINTAI」が0.0%である。






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