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5029 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2022.04.15)


circlace(5029 TSE Growth)

English Summary (PDF)

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Aims for growth by promoting digital transformation of the company and customers as well as expanding sales of SaaS developed in-house

Conducts Adoption, Operation and Maintenance of Salesforce and Provides SaaS Developed In-House
circlace centers its business on providing a wide variety of services related to Salesforce from adoption support to management/maintenance and cultivation of related human resources, and also conducts sales of SaaS products developed in-house.

The company provides the consulting services and the platform services. The consulting services accounted for 62.1% of net sales in the first three quarters of the fiscal year ended March 2022, and the platform services for 37.9%. In addition, around 90% of net sales are related to Salesforce.

Consulting Services
The consulting services is comprised of the Salesforce Consulting and the Anaplan Consulting.

In the Salesforce Consulting, the company provides services from adoption support for using the standard functions of Salesforce products, requirement definition for the Salesforce environment to effectively use Salesforce products according to customers’ management issues, consultation for selecting platforms and other tasks, development, linkage and other services that develop systems and applications that work with Salesforce products.

In the Anaplan Consulting, the company conducts adoption support of Anaplan, a cloud service provided by Anaplan and specialized in the planning operation field such as business planning, budget and performance management, etc.

Platform Services
The platform services consist of 1) the customer success service that supports operation, maintenance and entrenching of Salesforce and Anaplan cloud services, 2) the digital transformation service that provides services developed in-house as SaaS, and 3) the education service that provides Salesforce Japan-certified training menus for managers/developers.





コンサルティングサービスは、Salesforce ConsultingとAnaplan Consultingからなる。プラットフォームサービスは、カスタマーサクセス、DX,エデュケーションからなる。





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