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4896 東証グロース(医薬品)




(公開日 2023.10.20)


K Pharma(4896 TSE Growth)

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Specializing in iPS drug discovery business and regenerative medicine business for CNS diseases

Specializing in iPS Drug Discovery Business and Regenerative Medicine Business
K Pharma is a bio-venture established in November 2016 with the goal of commercializing the results of basic research conducted at Keio University School of Medicine. The results are focused on iPS drug discovery and regenerative medicine for diseases of the central nervous system (CNS).

The company operates two businesses, the iPS drug discovery business using iPS cells and the regenerative medicine business, which target the CNS diseases field.

iPS Drug Discovery
iPS drug discovery involves the development of therapeutic drugs by screening for compounds that are effective against a patient’s disease. This is achieved by comparing iPS cells from healthy individuals with disease-specific iPS cells produced using information about the disease from the patient's cells.

K Pharma's iPS drug discovery business takes the drug repositioning approach, which involves screening drugs and compounds that have already been developed for other diseases when selecting candidate drugs that have therapeutic effects using induced disease model neurons obtained through differentiation induction from patient iPS cells.

Regenerative Medicine Business
In its regenerative medicine business, K Pharma is conducting research and development to treat spinal cord injuries, which are a type of neurological damage, by transplanting neuronal progenitor cells obtained through differentiation induction from allogenic iPS cells to patients to treat the injured site. The company, in collaboration with Keio University, is prioritizing the research and development of treatments for spinal cord injuries in the subacute stage, which is within about four weeks of suffering the injury.

Business Model
Based on basic research and exclusive licensing rights for patents and other intellectual property rights from Keio University and associated institutions, K Pharma concludes joint research agreements with various partners, such as pharmaceutical companies, and license agreements that transfer some or all of the rights of the development pipeline. Through these agreements, K Pharma earns upfront income and milestone income corresponding to the stages of development. After the product is put on the market, K Pharma receives income from sales royalties that correspond to the amount of product sold, as well as from sales milestones based on reaching certain amounts sold.
















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