4892 東証グロース(サービス業)



(公開日 2022.12.02)


Cyfuse Biomedical(4892 TSE Growth)

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Development of regenerative medical products through practical application of bio 3D printing

Regenerative Medicine Venture
Cyfuse Biomedical is a regenerative medical venture named after "Cells (Cyto) are Fused (Fusion).” Based on the corporate philosophy "to contribute to dramatic progress in therapy through the practical application of innovative 3D tissue fabrication technology," the company aims to provide 3D cellular products by generating steric tissues and organs composed solely of cells as a new treatment option for advanced medicine.

The company operates in the fields of regenerative medicine, drug discovery support and medical devices.

Regenerative Medical Field
Cyfuse Biomedical is conducting clinical development with the aim of obtaining approval for regenerative medical products, a future earnings driver.

The company plans to file for approval of its main pipeline products for peripheral nerve regeneration (development code CYF-PA1), osteochondral regeneration (CYF-CA1), and revascularization (CYF-BA1) from 2025 through 2027. Moreover, the company conducts nonclinical studies in the fields of urology, dentistry and trachea and digestive organs.

Drug Discovery Support
Cyfuse Biomedical is developing cellular products for pharmaceutical companies as drug discovery support tools. The company has developed a human liver structure composed exclusively of human hepatocytes. It has the same hepatotoxicity test results as those obtained using human liver and exhibits high, long-lasting hepatic function.

It is developing the 3D liver structure jointly with Sekisui Chemical and its subsidiaries Sekisui Medical, Osaka Sanitary, and SCREEN Holdings.

Medical Devices
The company sells Regenova® and S-PIKE®, bio 3D printers for the creation of cellular products.


サイフューズ(Cyfuse 以下、同社)は「細胞(Cyto)が融合(Fusion)する」ことから名付けられた再生医療ベンチャーである。










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