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4416 東証グロース(情報・通信)


True Data


(公開日 2021.12.17)


True Data(4416 TSE Growth)

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Provider of marketing support services in SaaS format

Providing Marketing Support Services Utilizing ID-POS Data Held by Retail Businesses
True Data provides analysis tools and other services mainly in SaaS format to retailers and consumer goods manufacturers by utilizing ID-POS data, which combines the IDs of reward card members of supermarkets and drug stores with their purchase data, and helps their data-driven marketing.

Use of the ID-POS data enables analysis based on both the buyer’s attributes, such as their gender and age, and purchased products. In addition, it can also analyze buyers’ repeat rate and switching rate which shows the rate of buyers that switched from other products.

The company’s major services, Shopping Scan and Eagle Eye, account for 21.1% and 49.7%, respectively, of net sales for the fiscal year ended March 2021.

Shopping Scan
Shopping Scan is a SaaS format service in which the company acquires ID-POS data from retailers and provides marketing analysis functions based on such data to the retailers. The company gains usage fees of the analysis tools from the retailers.

In addition, it also has a function for the retailers to disclose ID-POS data they hold as well as various analyses based on such data to consumer goods manufacturers on the Shopping Scan and in return gain usage fees from the consumer goods manufacturers. In such cases, the company and the retailers share the usage fees from the consumer goods manufacturers.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye is a service that provides consumer goods manufacturers with a tool to analyze consumers’ purchase behavior based on ID-POS data in a SaaS format.

The ID-POS data, which is the analysis target, is data held by individual retailers gained through using Shopping Scan. After attaining consent for secondhand use from the retailers and refining data including alignment of product classifications and hiding individual retailers’ names that sold them, the data is provided to consumer goods manufacturers as standardized product purchase data.


True Data(以下、同社)は、スーパーマーケットやドラッグストアのポイントカード会員の顧客IDと購買データを結び付けたID-POSデータを活用して、小売業者と消費財メーカーにデータマーケティング支援のための分析ツールを主にSaaS形態で提供している。











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