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4377 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.10.08)


ONE CAREER(4377 TSE Growth)

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Provides both job seekers and companies with information needed for recruitment activities to improve recruitment satisfaction

Provides Data Concerning Job Choosing to Both Job Seekers and Companies
ONE CAREER is engaged in the career data platform business, which enhances the recruitment satisfaction of both job seekers and recruiting companies, and promotes digital transformation of recruitment operations by providing various data which job seekers and recruiting companies need.

In particular, it provides experience information on job seeking activities by job seekers, content concerning job seeking activities written by editors, job advertisements and recruitment for internships by companies and various other information for newly graduated job seekers through ONE CAREER, a web app it operates. The number of registered members that are students graduating in 2022 is 280,000 as of the end of June 2021. It is estimated that one in two students graduating in 2022 is using the app. For mid-career job seekers, the company operates ONE CAREER PLUS, a web app.

For recruiting companies, it provides job advertisement postings on ONE CAREER, online presentation video distributions, managing recruitment of applicants and other services with the various functions of its ONE CAREER CLOUD series, cloud-type services specialized in personnel recruitment.

The usage fee for ONE CAREER CLOUD from recruiting companies accounts for the majority of the company’s revenue, but there is also income from recruitment consulting based on job seekers’ experience information and other services for recruiting companies as well as reward income from sending ONE CAREER members to other recruitment information websites, etc.



具体的には、新卒求職者には同社が運営するWebアプリのONE CAREERを通じて、求職者の就職活動の体験情報や編集者による就職活動に関するコンテンツ、企業の求人広告やインターンシップの募集等、様々な情報をワンストップで提供している。

会員登録した新卒求職者はONE CAREERを無料で利用でき、体験情報を投稿した場合には同社から謝礼を得る。

求人企業に対しては、人材採用に特化したクラウド型サービスのワンキャリアクラウドシリーズの諸機能により、ONE CAREERへの求人広告掲載やオンライン動画説明会の配信、応募者の採用管理等のサービスを提供している。

求人企業からのワンキャリアクラウド利用料が同社の収益の大部分を占めるが、求職者の体験談情報に基づく求人企業に対する採用コンサルティング等のサービスや、ONE CAREERの会員を他の就職情報サイトに送客しての成果収入等もある。








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