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4264 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.12.28)


SECURE(4264 TSE Growth)

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Pursuing growth by diving deeper into existing business and developing new areas

Providing Companies with Security Systems That Use Image Recognition AI
The SECURE Group provides a wide range of corporate customers with security systems that combine technology for facial recognition, human behavior analysis, human detection, crowd analysis, etc., based on image recognition AI and devices such as security cameras. It creates its systems by purchasing devices such as security cameras and combining them with software developed in-house, then selling them mainly via distributors.

Its Korean subsidiary SECURE KOREA, Inc., established in March 2020, develops products such as systems that use image recognition AI.

In the fiscal year ended December 2020, SECURE AC (access control systems) accounted for 30.3% of net sales, SECURE VS (video surveillance systems) for 67.6%, and SECURE Analytics (image analysis services) for 2.1%.

SECURE AC offers access control systems that use card authentication, fingerprint authentication, face authentication, and so forth. Approximately 80% of the systems are for offices, while the remainder are for factories, etc. The company’s strength is in face authentication technology using image recognition AI, and 30% to 40% of net sales are access control systems based on face authentication.

Around 50% of SECURE VS systems are used by retailers such as drugstores and supermarkets, with the remainder used in factories (food producers, etc.), data centers, and so forth. SECURE VS also uses face authentication systems that employ image recognition AI, and it can provide functions such as external notifications based on identification of registered and non-registered individuals.

SECURE Analytics
SECURE Analytics provides visitor information analysis applications that measure the number of people entering and exiting facilities and the number who remain on site, and services that visualize congestion in facilities using stereo cameras dedicated to image recognition AI in a cloud-based SaaS format.




同社グループは、セキュリティソリューション事業の単一セグメントであるが、「SECURE AC(Access Control 入退室管理システム)」、「SECURE VS(Video Surveillance 監視カメラシステム)」、「SECURE Analytics(画像解析サービス)」という3つのサービスに分けて売上高を開示している。

20/12期の売上高では、SECURE AC(売上高構成比30.3%)とSECURE VS(同67.6%)の両サービスで97.9%と太宗を占め、SECURE Analytics(同2.1%)の寄与は小さい。

SECURE ACは、カード認証、指紋認証、顔認証等を用いた、入退室管理システムである。同社は画像認識AIを使った顔認証技術に強みを持っており、売上高の3~4割は顔認証による入退室管理システムになっているようである。

SECURE VSは、約5割がドラッグストアやスーパーマーケット等の小売業向けで、残りは食品メーカー等の工場、データセンター等で利用されている。SECURE VSにおいても、画像認識AIを活用した顔認証システムを利用して、登録者と非登録者の識別による外部通知等の機能を提供できる。






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