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4196 東証スタンダード(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.04.27)


NEO MARKETING(4196 TSE Standard)

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Pursue growth through increasing number of marketing consultants and expanding services

Conducts Marketing Support Business with Consumer Goods Manufacturers as Main Customers
NEO MARKETING group conducts the marketing support business with manufacturers of foods, cosmetics, daily goods, home appliances and other consumer goods and companies providing services for consumers as its main customers, and based on the concept of marketing support originated from consumers.
The group conducts business in only one segment of the marketing support business but discloses net sales by major services.

The company examines customers’ marketing activities by dividing the activities into four processes, and provides services corresponding to each process based on its unique framework. The four processes refer to discovery of consumer insight, product development, sales promotion, and improvement of various measures.

Customer-Driven Service
In this service, the company quantitatively analyzes the results of online questionnaire surveys on members of “iResearch,” a consumer panel network operated by the company, and conducts marketing originated from consumers. By analyzing the actions, thoughts, emotions, etc. of consumers from when they first acknowledge a product or a service to ultimately buying it, the service features provision of strategic planning for promotion measures to examinations after their execution.

Insight-Driven Service
By extracting the most appropriate target from iResearch, and conducting interviews as well as behavior observations on actual product use and other qualitative research, it is a service to discover subconscious insights of which the consumers themselves are not aware.

Digital Marketing Service
Listing ads, video ads and other web ads account for most of the net sales of the digital marketing services. The company launched its EC site creation support on the Shopify platform in July 2020 as an operation to support customers’ D2C.

Other Services
For other services, the company conducts PR, customer success, B-to-B marketing support services, cloud sourcing, etc.


ネオマーケティング(以下、同社)グループは、同社と子会社3社(うちNEO MARKETING ASIA LIMITEDは21年2月に清算結了)からなり、「生活者起点のマーケティング支援」をコンセプトに、食品、化粧品、日用品、家電等の消費財メーカーや消費者向けサービス会社を主要顧客とするマーケティング支援事業を行っている。









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