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4169 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2020.12.25)


ENECHANGE(4169 TSE Growth)

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Supporting households and corporations in selecting and switching electricity and gas, and providing digital marketing support for electricity and gas companies

Energy Tech Company
ENECHANGE group conducts the energy platform business, which supports households and companies in choosing electricity, gas, etc. that are most appropriate for them, and the energy data business, which provides a cloud type digital transformation service for electricity and gas companies. The sales composition for the nine months to September 2020 was 54.1% for the energy platform business and 45.9% for the energy data business.

In the energy platform business, the company develops “enechange,” a platform for switching electricity companies or gas companies for households, and “enechange Biz,” a platform for switching electricity companies and gas companies for corporations. The sales composition of the business is half for “enechange” and half for “enechange Biz.”

When users visiting “enechange” input information, such as a postal code of their residing area, the number of people in their household, when and how long people are at home and power usage, comparative information on appropriate electricity and gas companies will be shown according to various rankings. In addition, users can even conduct procedures to switch electricity and gas companies online.

The “enechange Biz” is a platform targeting corporations that are users of electricity and gas. It enables corporations to collectively gain estimates, and to switch electricity companies. The company partners with electricity and gas companies centered on major new power companies and develops a service that carries out collective estimate procedures on their behalf free of charge for corporate users nationwide.

Energy Data Business
In the energy data business, the company provides digital marketing support SaaS for electricity and gas companies, electricity smart meter data analysis SaaS, and streamlining management of operating renewable energy power plants by utilizing electricity data analysis technology through “Japan Energy Fund (JEF)” and its fund management administrative service.




エネルギーデータ事業においては、電力・ガス会社向けのデジタルマーケティング支援SaaSである「EMAP(Energy Marketing Acceleration Platform)」、電力スマートメーターデータ解析SaaSである「SMAP(Smart Meter Analytic Platform)」、電力データ解析技術を活用した稼働中の再生可能エネルギー発電所の運営効率化・ファンド運営事務サービス「JEF(Japan Energy Fund)」の3サービスを主に展開している。同社によると、売上構成比は、「EMAP」が約6割、「SMAP」が約3割、「JEF」が約1割である。






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