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(公開日 2020.12.22)


PLAID(4165 TSE Growth)

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Providing “KARTE,” a cloud service customer experience software

KARTE’s Services
PLAID provides the customer experience software, KARTE, as a cloud service. The concept of KARTE is to enhance the customer experience of website visitors and app users.

KARTE is a solution that enables client companies to act and communicate in a way optimal for respective visitors by collecting and analyzing visitors’ behavioral data on a real-time basis. This can be achieved by client companies incorporating KARTE in their websites and smartphone apps. It also enables client companies to measure its effect.

KARTE primarily has three types of services: “KARTE” for websites, “KARTE for App” for smartphones, and “KARTE Datahub.” The “KARTE Datahub” is an optional service that enables client companies to integrate accumulated “KARTE” and “KARTE for Apps” data with in-house databases as well as to connect such data with other CRM tools.

KARTE’s Clients in Various Fields
Client companies that use “KARTE” are in various fields, such as fashion, finance/insurance, human resource services and construction/real estate industries.

It has been introduced by 474 companies as of the end of fiscal year ended September 2020. Since there are companies that concluded contracts for multiple services and a contract is concluded for each website or smartphone app, the number of contracts has steadily increased since the launch of the “KARTE” services, and is 710 as of the end of fiscal year ended September 2020.









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