4017 東証グロース(情報・通信)



(公開日 2020.12.01)


Creema(4017 TSE Growth)

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Operates “Creema,” a handmade goods marketplace

Operates CtoC Marketplace “Creema”
Creema operates the CtoC marketplace, “Creema,” where creators of original handmade goods and potential buyers can transact online. The marketplace offers a wide range of goods including accessories, jewelry, interior goods, miscellaneous goods and fashion, and the monthly transaction value exceeds 1.3 billion yen.

The company is the frontrunner that was the first to launch such services in Japan. “Creema” provides a place that allows creators to put their handmade goods on the market while enabling them to continue their creative activities, and the business was developed by the company in a way that would support the activities of creators.

Marketplace Service
The marketplace service, which accounts for almost 80% of net sales in the first half of fiscal year ending February 2021, provides brokerage of settlements for the handmade goods transacted on “Creema.” The company deducts transaction fees from the purchase prices and deposits the remaining amounts into the creators’ bank accounts. These transaction fees constitute the company’s net sales.

Platform Service and Event/Store Service
Other than the marketplace service, the company provides ad spots on “Creema” to creators and companies as well as other services for its members (platform service). In addition to online services, the company also provides the two physical sales channels of craft events and permanent retail spaces (event/store service) for selling goods.









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