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Yamaichi Uniheim Real Estate(2984 TSE Standard)

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Creating Added Value Through Acquisition, Leasing, Redevelopment and Sales of Real Estate
Yamaichi Uniheim Real Estate engages in the real estate development and leasing business, the real estate development and sales business and the condominium business centering on the Kansai region. In fiscal year ended March 2022, Osaka Prefecture accounted for 43.1% of net sales, Wakayama Prefecture for 19.6% and Hyogo Prefecture for 16.9%, while other prefectures (Nara, Shiga, Kyoto, etc.) accounted for 20.4%.

By business segment, the real estate development and leasing business accounted for 12.6%, the real estate development and sales business for 31.2%, the condominium business for 54.8% and others for 1.4%. The real estate development and sales business has a high profit margin, accounting for the majority of the company’s operating profit.

Real Estate Development and Leasing Business
The company makes diversified investment in apartments, retail facilities, office buildings and parking lots. The company conducts business mainly in the Kansai area, but has also advanced into the Tokai and Kanto areas in recent years.

Real Estate Development and Sales Business
The company mainly develops and sells residential land as well as develops and sells industrial land for companies. Along with sales of residential land lots, the company also undertakes general construction contracts for single-family residences. The company conducts sales of residential land lots mainly in Wakayama and Hyogo Prefectures.

As to sales of industrial land, the company acquires and develops land that meets the conditions suitable for the use of warehouses, logistics hubs, factories, etc. and then sells it on its own or through brokers.

Condominium Business
The company plans and develops as well as sells for-sale condominiums mostly for families, with first-time condominium buyers as its main customers.

Other Businesses
Other businesses include leasing, sales, management and operations of condominiums for seniors, home-visit nursing care services, home care support services, and operation of restaurants and hot spring facilities.













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