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2983 東証グロース(不動産業)




(公開日 2021.02.12)


Arr Planner(2983 TSE Growth)

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Sells residences and other real estate with sales area centering on Aichi Prefecture

Sells Residences to First-Time Buyers while based in Aichi Prefecture
Arr Planner group receives contracts for custom-built homes, sells houses with lots for sale, and runs a real estate agency centering on Aichi Prefecture. The main target is first-time residence buyers. The group consists of Arr Planner and its consolidated subsidiary.

The single-family house business accounted for 96.1% of the company’s net sales for fiscal year ended January 2020. Out of net sales of the single-family house business, about 30% were from custom-built homes and about 60% were from houses with lots for sale (including lots for sale).

As of the end of January, the company has 11 housing exhibitions and showrooms in Aichi Prefecture and three in Tokyo, and has nine real estate sales offices in Aichi Prefecture and two in Tokyo.

Growth Strategy
For its mid- to long-term growth, the company seeks growth through 1) expanding business to the Tokyo metropolitan area, and 2) increasing its share in the Tokai region.

Regarding business expansion to Tokyo, while the company opened a Tokyo branch in Musashino City in October 2019, it renamed the location as its Kichijoji office in August 2020, relocated its Tokyo branch to Shinjuku Ward and opened its Shinjuku showroom at the new location. In June 2020, it opened a housing exhibition in Tachikawa City and in 2021, its consolidated subsidiary opened sales offices in Shinjuku and Kichijoji.

For business development in the Tokai area, the company is considering the setting up of sales offices in areas of Aichi Prefecture where it has not yet tapped into. Outside of Aichi Prefecture, the company is considering opening sales offices in Shizuoka, Gifu and Mie Prefectures.










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