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168A 東証グロース(その他製品)




(公開日 2024.04.09)


itamiarts(168A TSE Growth)

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Selling sales promotion material mainly through 18 e-commerce sites

Selling Sales Promotion Material on Its Own E-commerce Site
itamiarts is engaged in the manufacture and sale of sales promotion material or SP material, such as banner flags, event flags, advertising flags and booklets. Although it outsources some processes, the company basically carries out the product planning, site construction, customer attraction, sales, manufacture and shipping of SP products in-house. Therefore, it ensures stable quality, short delivery times and low prices while also accommodating small lot purchases.

Itamiarts’ main focus is on sales through BtoB e-commerce sites with wholesale transactions conducted for major clients. With sales on BtoB e-commerce sites accounting for approximately 70% of net sales and wholesales accounting for approximately 30%, the company has transactions with over 350,000 companies in total.

itamiarts operates a total of 18 e-commerce sites which are referred to as the King Series, each dedicated to specific SP material. On each site, there is an independent site named “SP material name + King” for each type of SP material. The sites with high net sales are sites for banner flags, overhead flags and booklets.

Take the site for banner flags as an example, while it is an e-commerce site specializing in Japanese narrow banner flags, it also consciously cross-sells products, listing other SP material and handling more than 15,000 products. Additionally, an order can be placed for just one original banner flag, which can be shipped as soon as the next business day.

Regarding e-commerce sales operations, in addition to building e-commerce sites, itamiarts uses an in-house developed system for processes ranging from receiving orders to delivery, covering order management, product management, customer management and shipping instructions. It also has an in-house department specializing in e-commerce marketing in charge of various aspects, including SEO measures, web advertising operations and service development.

The company’s wholesales are targeted at referrals and customers who place large quantities of orders through its e-commerce sites. It also has dedicated sales staff to respond to customer needs that are often overlooked in e-commerce.












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