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Wellplayed Rizest(9565 TSE Growth)

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Aiming for growth through promotion of esports

Planning and Operation of Esports Events and Support for Players and Related Personnel
Wellplayed Rizest plans and operates esports events as well as supports esports players, reporters, commentators and other esports-related personnel as an esports specialist. It also develops new businesses through collaboration between esports and other fields.

The company offers client work services for planning and operating sports events, partner solution services centered around support for esports-related personnel, and business design services, a new area of business for the company.

The client work services, partner solution services and business design services accounted for 66.8%, 25.9% and 7.3% of sales, respectively, in the three quarters of fiscal year ended October 2022.

Client Work Services
For this services, the company plans and operates esports competitions and other events entrusted by sponsors. The majority of sponsors are game manufacturers promoting their own games, while others include companies marketing to Generation Z, the key participants in esports, along with advertising agencies and video distribution platformers.

Partner Solution Services
Through this service, the company creates and provides various revenue opportunities for esports-related personnel. This includes players, reporters, commentators and influencers.

Business Design Services
Wellplayed Rizest launched this service in fiscal year ended October 2022 with the aim of planning and developing services and content that create new value for esports. Specifically, the company co-manages an esports event LIMITZ with professional gaming team ZETA DIVISION®. The company further serves as a sponsorship broker for professional gaming teams.



eスポーツとは、electronic sportsの略で、広義には電子機器を用いて行う娯楽、競技、スポーツ全般を指し、狭義にはコンピューターゲーム、ビデオゲームを使った対戦をスポーツ競技として捉える際の名称である。








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