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9348 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2023.04.14)


ispace(9348 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in transport of goods with unmanned lunar landers and lunar rovers as well as collection and provision of lunar data

Private Space Company Engaged in Lunar Surface Development
ispace group is comprised of ispace and three subsidiaries, and is engaged in the lunar surface development business with the aim of using water and other moon resources. The company as well as its U.S. and Europe subsidiaries develop/manufacture landers and rovers and provide services to customers in respective regions. Its domestic subsidiary uses radio waves by obtaining licenses for radio stations under the Radio Act, which are required for the business.

The company provides payload services that transport customer payloads to the moon, data services that collect and provide lunar data, and partnership services using unmanned landers and rovers developed in-house.

The payload services transport customer’s payloads to the moon. The customer’s payloads are loaded on landers and rovers around one to two years before the rocket launch, and the company provides technical advice and adjustments for loading payloads, tests after landing on the moon and related services such as data communication.

It will charge customers with the amount arrived by multiplying the payload weight by the price per kilogram, which will be paid in lump sum or in multiple installments over the period from contract conclusion, one to two years prior to rocket launch, to the launch.

The data services provide lunar data collected through the company’s cameras, various observation equipment and the like installed on landers and rovers to customers. Currently, no sales have been recorded.

The partnership services obtain considerations for providing a package of rights to use the activities of the group as media content, use of logo marks on advertising media, data use rights and such by concluding contracts with partner companies that cooperate in the technology and business development.

The company determines one lunar landing by one lander and lunar surface exploration project as one mission, and ten missions are planned/being executed through 2028.



同社と米国子会社のispace technologies U.S.,inc.及びルクセンブルク子会社のispace EUROPE S.A.は、月着陸船(以下、ランダー)や月面探査車(以下、ローバー)の開発・製造や各地域の顧客向けサービス提供等を行い、子会社ispace Japanは事業に必要な電波法上の無線免許を取得し電波利用を行っている。









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