9259 東証グロース(サービス業)



(公開日 2021.12.28)


TAKAYOSHI(9259 TSE Growth)

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Operation of WAKUWAKU HIROBA, a producer-direct platform-type store of local food

Provides Shared Stores to Local Producers and Food Manufacturers
As of the end of October 2021, TAKAYOSHI was operating 122 WAKUWAKU HIROBA shared stores, primarily in the Kanto region. The company provides a sharing service which allows such registered producers as confectioneries, delis and restaurants to share WAKUWAKU HIROBA stores as a sales location.

In principle, TAKAYOSHI is committed to serving as a platformer for food producers. The platform TAKAYOSHI provides makes it possible for local producers and food manufacturers to access a new sales channel without committing to new capital investments.

Of the 122 WAKUWAKU HIROBA stores, 100 are shopping mall tenants, while the remainder are roadside street-level stores. Although two of the stores are franchised, the company's basic policy is to open stores and directly manage them.

WAKUWAKU HIROBA adopts a consignment sales method, where it purchases only the products sold to consumers for a purchase price based on the percentage (50% to 80%) established by the company. This eliminates inventory-related risk on the part of TAKAYOSHI for products displayed at WAKUWAKU HIROBA. Of the products on display in stores, the total sales amount of the products purchased by consumers is calculated as "gross merchandise value," which the company views as a key performance indicator.

Although producers must register with the platform to display their products, they are not required to pay registration fees, deposits, or annual membership fees. Moreover, as the system is not based on contracts, registered producers are free to decide on the display timing, products to display, volume, and the selling price. This significantly softens the psychological barrier between producers and registration.












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