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7793 東証グロース(その他製品)




(公開日 2022.03.04)


IMAGE MAGIC(7793 TSE Growth)

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Engaged in the on-demand printing service business targeting apparel and general merchandise

Mainly Engaged in On-Demand Printing Service
IMAGE MAGIC is engaged in the on-demand printing service business provided through the internet and the on-demand printing solutions business, in which it provides software and hardware for on-demand printing to apparel manufacturers, printing companies and other businesses.

The on-demand printing service business accounted for 89.0% of net sales in the first half of the fiscal year ending April 2022 and the on-demand printing solutions business accounted for 11.0%.

On-Demand Printing Service
In the on-demand printing service, the company prints and processes data it receives from customers through internet websites and delivers in a short period of time from accepting the orders. In addition to needs including orders for personal gifts and corporate novelty goods, it responds to needs from apparel manufacturers and other companies wanting to ship goods immediately after accepting orders to avoid unnecessary stocks.

The breakdown of products subject to printing is approximately 30% for T-shirts, approximately 30% for apparel products other than T-shirts and approximately 40% for other general merchandise, etc., with the composition of general merchandise on an increasing trend.

In the first half of the fiscal year ending April 2022, approximately 40% were for in-house sales and approximately 60% were for orders received from partner companies. Major partners include GMO Pepabo (3633 TSE First Section) and Fast Retailing (9983 TSE First Section).

On-Demand Printing Solutions
In the business, the company provides its expertise on production management systems accumulated through the on-demand printing service as cloud services as well as sells its original hardware (printers, folding machines, packaging and shipping machines) used in production/shipping processes. The sales of hardware accounted for over 50% of the sales of the on-demand printing solutions business in the first half of the fiscal year ending April 2022.












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