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6228 東証スタンダード(機械)




(公開日 2023.09.26)


J.E.T.(6228 TSE Standard)

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Engaged in the development, design, manufacture and sale of semiconductor cleaning equipment for the main sales destinations of semiconductor manufacturers in Korea and China

Development, Design, Manufacture and Sale of Semiconductor Cleaning Equipment
J.E.T.'s main business is the development, design, manufacture and sale of semiconductor cleaning equipment used in the pre-process of semiconductor manufacturing.

The company group is made up of J.E.T., a Taiwanese subsidiary, a Chinese subsidiary, a Korean subsidiary that manufactures semiconductor cleaning equipment, its parent company ZEUS in Korea, and its domestic subsidiary which produces and sells agricultural products.

The semiconductor business accounts for 99.8% of net sales, with the remaining attributed to agricultural products, etc.

Semiconductor Business
As a semiconductor business, the company group develops, designs, manufactures and sells semiconductor cleaning equipment, as well as providing field services such as equipment repair and maintenance. Semiconductor cleaning equipment accounted for 92% of net sales of the semiconductor business in fiscal year ended December 2022 and field services 8%. Batch-type cleaning equipment amounted to 95% of net sales of semiconductor cleaning equipment. Additionally, although extremely small, J.E.T.’s new business, sales of lithium-ion battery inspection and manufacturing equipment, was also included.

There are years when sales to memory device manufacturers are high and other years when sales to foundries are high, depending on capital investment trends of client companies. Since the group’s sales to foundries in China have been expanding for the last two fiscal years, the sales composition ratio for foundries has been rising.

China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation accounted for 16.8% of net sales in fiscal year ended December 2022, and those for Samsung Electronics, including those via Zeus, accounted for 26.9%.



ジェイ・イー・ティグループは、ジェイ・イー・ティ、半導体洗浄装置部品の販売支援業務、顧客工場での装置立上業務、及びフィールドサービス業務を行う台湾のJ.E.T. Semi-Con. International Taiwanと中国のOribright Shanghai、半導体洗浄装置の製造を行うJ.E.T. Korea、半導体、液晶用各種製造装置の製造・販売を行う同社の親会社である韓国のZEUS、そして農産物の生産・販売を行うジェイ・イー・ティ・アグリで構成されている。









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