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5759 東証グロース(非鉄金属)




(公開日 2021.07.02)


Nippon Denkai(5759 TSE Growth)

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Electrolytic copper foil manufacturer expected to achieve global growth

Major electrolytic copper foil manufacturer
Nippon Denkai is a major electrolytic copper foil manufacturer focusing on copper foil for on-vehicle batteries for which high growth is expected, and is developing copper foil for high-end and high-value-added circuit boards to avoid severe competition.

Electrolytic copper foil is a metal copper film that is produced through precipitation by performing electrolysis of copper sulfate solution. Its typical applications are printed wiring boards and semiconductor package substrate, but it is also used in lithium ion secondary batteries for which demand is rapidly growing.

The company categorizes its net sales into “copper foils for on-vehicle batteries” and “copper foils for circuit boards.” Copper foils for on-vehicle batteries accounted for 63.6% of the net sales of the fiscal year ended March 2021, and copper foils for circuit boards for 36.4%.

Copper Foils for On-Vehicle Batteries
Copper foils for on-vehicle batteries are used for the negative electrode material of lithium ion secondary batteries mainly mounted on electronic vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The company delivers the electrolytic copper foils it produces to component manufacturers of on-vehicle batteries and are ultimately be sold to vehicle manufacturers in Japan and abroad.

Copper Foils for Circuit Boards
Copper foils for circuit boards are used as conductive materials in circuit boards mounted on various electronic devices, including cell phones and other 5G related devices. The company specializes in high-end products and delivers high-function electrolytic copper foils to copper clad laminate manufacturers in Japan and the U.S.

Production Capability
The company currently has the production capability of 1,100 tons per month (750 tons in Japan and 350 tons in the U.S.). Denkai America, acquired in March 2020, is the only electrolytic copper foil manufacturer in the U.S. Denkai America produces copper foils for circuit boards, and by introducing the highly efficient processing technology accumulated in Japan, it aims to enhance production efficiency of copper foils for circuit boards. It also has plans to launch the production and sale of copper foils for on-vehicle batteries in the U.S. in 2023, and will modify part of its facilities into production lines of copper foils for on-vehicle batteries.













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