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5126 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2022.09.30)


PORTERS(5126 TSE Growth)

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Operates cloud-based business system PORTERS for recruiting and dispatch agencies

Operates PORTERS for Recruitment and Dispatch Agencies
PORTERS operates the cloud-based comprehensive matching management system PORTERS for recruitment and temporary employment agencies to optimize human resource matching.

The company's net sales are divided into PORTERS monthly usage fees, which consist of ID charges for PORTERS use and optional usage fees, and spot sales, which comprise implementation consulting fees such as requirement definition and data migration at the time of PORTERS implementation, and option setup fees. In fiscal year ended December 2021, monthly usage fees for PORTERS accounted for 96.3% of net sales.

PORTERS encompasses PORTERS AGENT for recruiting agencies and PORTERS STAFFING for temporary employment agencies. Approximately 60% of net sales are accounted for by recruiting agencies and 40% by temporary employment agencies. The company also provides services in Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as in Mexico. Overseas net sales, including those to Japanese companies, account for around 5% of total net sales.

The number of PORTERS paid active IDs at the end of fiscal year ended December 2021 was 9,937 (up 9.8% against the end of the previous fiscal year). The number of clients in fiscal year ended December 2021 was slightly over 700, many of which are small- and medium-sized companies. While customers with 100 IDs or more account for about 2%, those with 10 IDs or less account for more than 70% in term of number of customers, net sales to customers with 100 IDs or more account for about 25% of total net sales.

The monthly fee for PORTERS is 15,000 yen per ID for up to 10 IDs, and 7,500 yen per ID for more than 10 IDs. The fee structures are identical for PORTERS AGENT and PORTERS STAFFING.




PORTERSには、人材紹介会社向けのPORTERS AGENTと労働者派遣会社向けのPORTERS STAFFINGがあり、売上高は、人材紹介会社向けが約60%、労働者派遣会社向けが約40%となっている。


非連結子会社のシンガポールの現地法人Porters Asia SG Pte. Ltd.は、東南アジア地域でのPORTERSの販売支援業務を行っている。

21/12期末のPORTERSの有料稼働ID数は9,937ID(前期末比9.8%増)であった。21/12期の顧客数は700社強で、中堅・中小企業が多い。顧客数ベースでは、100 ID以上の顧客が2%程度、10 ID以下の顧客が70%強を占める一方で、売上高では100 ID以上の顧客向けが25%程度を占めている。






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