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5078 東証スタンダード(建設業)




(公開日 2022.03.15)


CEL Corporation(5078 TSE Standard)

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Aiming for growth through expanding business on apartments for the young generation and enhancing the stock business of apartment management

Engaged in Rental Apartment Construction and Rental Apartment Management for the Young Generation in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
CEL Corporation Group is comprised of the company and one subsidiary, and mainly conducts rental apartment construction and rental apartment management for the young generation in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Its subsidiary CEL Rent Partners is conducting the real estate rent guarantee business for tenants.

Sales composition in the fiscal year ended February 2021 was 30.7% for the rental housing business, 18.1% for the rental housing development business, 45.3% for the rental housing management business, 5.4% for the factory and office rent business in China and 0.4% for others. Its main businesses are the rental housing business, which is a flow business of rental apartment construction, and the rental housing management business, which is a stock business of rental apartment management. The company withdrew from the factory and office rent business in China in December 2021 and is expected to record 15,655 million yen, the gain on sale of the stocks of its two Chinese subsidiaries, as extraordinary income in the fiscal year ended February 2022.

Rental Housing Business
In the rental housing business, the company provides consultations to real estate owners concerning the construction of rental apartments that meet their purpose for land use, and constructs and sells steel-framed rental apartments that are constructed in-house by using steel manufactured at its own plant in Chiba City. It primarily handles rental apartments for young singles mainly in the age range of 25 to 35, targeting the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Rental Housing Development Business
In the rental housing development business launched in October 2020, the company acquires land for which the land prices are unlikely to decline and have high asset value such as those in locations close to stations, constructs rental apartments on such land and sells them mainly to wealthy customers .

Rental Housing Management Business
In the rental housing management business, the company is entrusted with the management of rental apartments constructed by the company or other companies, and provides operations such as tenant recruitment, move-in/move-out management, rent collection, building inspection and cleaning. The number of units under management as of February 2021 was 10,739 units.













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