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5033 東証グロース(情報・通信)




(公開日 2022.07.01)


Nulab(5033 TSE Growth)

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Provides project management and other tools

Engaged in Cloud Service Business Centered on Project Management Tools
The Nulab Group, comprising the company and its three consolidated subsidiaries, provides four products to businesses: Backlog, a project management tool; Cacoo, a visual collaboration tool; Typetalk, a business chat tool; and Nulab Pass, an ID management tool. Backlog, Cacoo, Typetalk, and Nulab Pass accounted for 94.0%, 4.9%, 0.7%, and 0.4% of net sales for fiscal year ended March 2022, respectively.

Backlog, the company’s core service, is a project management tool that facilitates operation with team collaboration, and is offered mainly in SaaS format. Applications encompass a wide range from large-scale software development to maintenance and operations, digital marketing campaign management, and website development.

Backlog’s basic four monthly plans are priced at 55,000 yen, 21,780 yen, 12,980 yen, and 2,640 yen. Plans other than the 2,640-yen plan do not restrict the number of users or projects, but fees vary depending on storage capacity. In principle, the company does not charge for installation.

As of the end of fiscal year ended March 2021, Backlog had 11,534 paid subscribers. Many of the clients are engaged in system development, web services, and advertising/ marketing. In terms of occupation, most are engineers, product managers, and administrative workers.

Service Delivery System
As of the end of April 2022, approximately 60% of the Nulab Group’s 146 employees were allocated to development, about 20% to marketing and sales, and about 10% each to customer support and corporate. The Nulab Group has subsidiaries in the U.S., Singapore, and the Netherlands, conducting marketing activities for local customers. It also develops services in the U.S. and the Netherlands.


ヌーラボ(以下、同社)グループは、同社及び連結子会社3社で構成され、企業向けに、プロジェクト管理ツール「Backlog」、ビジュアルコラボレーションツール「Cacoo」、ビジネスチャットツール「Typetalk」、ID管理ツール「Nulab Pass」の4種類のサービスを提供している。22/3期における売上構成比は、「Backlog」が94.0%、「Cacoo」が4.9%、「Typetalk」が0.7%、「Nulab Pass」が0.4%である。










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