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4200 東証スタンダード(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.06.25)


HCS HOLDINGS(4200 TSE Standard)

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Providing Mainly Information Service Business
HCS HOLDINGS is a pure holding company and has six consolidated subsidiaries (of which one in Vietnam is planned to be liquidated) and one equity method affiliate. The group engages in the three business segments of the information service business, the ERP business and the digital marketing business. They have six lines of service, which are the system integration service, the master file solution service, the SAP introduction support/development service, the resource planning support service, the package solution service and the marketing solution service. In the fiscal year ended March 2021, the information service business accounted for 59.1% of net sales, the ERP business for 25.9% and the digital marketing business accounted for 15.0%.

Information Service Business
1) System Integration Service
It is engaged in software design, development and operation services centering on on-site projects mainly as a subcontractor for development projects of major companies’ subsidiaries specialized in building information systems mostly for their parent companies and major system integrators.
2) Master File Solution Service
It provides address maintenance services utilizing the master for the national land administrative district code.

ERP Business
1) SAP Introduction Support/Development Service
As a service partner of SAP Japan, it is engaged in SAP introduction/maintenance projects of major consulting companies and major system integrators mainly as a subcontractor. Centering on on-site projects, it provides SAP’s ERP software introduction support, customization, add-on development, maintenance and operation services.
2) Resource Planning Support Service
It provides helpdesk operations of SAP systems, peripheral operation management tools for the system, etc. remotely from support centers.

Digital Marketing Business
1) Marketing Solution Service
It provides digital marketing support services including internet advertisement operation and marketing data management platform construction.
2) Package Solution Service
It is engaged in development and sales of inspection/examination report creation applications. 










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