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4198 東証スタンダード(情報・通信)




(公開日 2021.06.15)


TENDA(4198 TSE Standard)

English Summary (PDF)

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Provider of Various IT Services
TENDA conducts commissioned development of systems, provides system engineering services and other IT services, and sells software developed in-house. Its feature is provision of services based on a concept of work style reform, and is also accumulating a track record of projects under the laboratory type development model.

The company’s business is categorized into the three reporting segments of the IT solution business, the business product business and the game content business.

The IT solution business accounts for 61.6% of total net sales for the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending June 2021. The business mainly supports white-collar workflow improvement and white-collar work operation reform, and provides services in forms of receiving orders for system development/operation and system engineering services. The company is increasing the number of development projects in which it engages from the upstream process through a laboratory type development model, which is a development method where the company conducts development by externally establishing an engineering team having skills that the customer companies require, in addition to conventional outsource development.

The business product business, which accounts for 17.7% of total net sales for the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending June 2021, is engaged in development and sales of software developed in-house based on the concept of white-collar work efficiency improvement.

The game content business accounts for 20.8% of total net sales for the first three quarters of the fiscal year ending June 2021. Since 2001, the company is engaged in content creation and operation and from 2014, the company started providing its own games. Due to this history, it currently has its own titles in which it holds the game creating rights as well as other company’s titles in which other companies hold the game creating rights that it has been commissioned to develop and operate.











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