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2962 東証スタンダード(金属製品)




(公開日 2023.07.28)


TECNISCO(2962 TSE Standard)

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Manufacturing and Selling Heat Sink Products and Glass Products for Industrial Equipment and Automobiles

The TECNISCO group specializes in manufacturing and selling heat sink products that absorb and dissipate heat from electronic components, as well as glass products that have undergone detailed shaping and metallization of circuits on glass for use in electronic components. The company uses its Cross-Edge® Technology to combine the different processing technologies of cutting, grinding, polishing, metalizing and bonding in its development and production operations. This enables the group to respond to the needs of its customers.

The group includes TECNISCO and its consolidated subsidiaries TECNISCO (SuZhou) in China and TECNISCO Advanced Materials in Singapore and non-consolidated subsidiary TECNISCO EUROPE in Germany.

Its net sales are segmented into heat sink products, glass products and others respectively accounting for 60.1%, 22.2% and 17.7% of net sales in fiscal year ended June 2022. In addition, its overseas sales ratio is high, with China accounting for 41.5%, the U.S. 15.7%, Europe 12.9% and Asia accounting for 2.8% in fiscal year ended June 2022.

(1) Heat Sink Products
The group manufactures and sells high-spec heat sink products.

The main applications include industrial equipment such as high-power semiconductor laser equipment (for welding, cutting or surface processing), automotive applications such as laser devices for LiDAR sensors, life sciences applications such as medical equipment and beauty equipment, and optical and wireless communications applications.

Silver Diamond
High-spec heat sinks are needed for equipment for high-power laser applications. TECNISCO’s Singapore subsidiary is involved in manufacturing and developing high-spec heat sink products made from silver diamond composite to meet these needs.

These heat sinks are expected to be used in high-growth fields, including submounts for next-generation high-power lasers, data centers, communication devices for electric vehicles and 5G/6G communications and aerospace.

(2) Glass Products
The glass products handled by the group are used in electronic devices after undergoing detailed shape processing and circuitry metallization on glass. These components enhance the functionality of electronic devices.

TECNISCO supplies precision glass products for various sensors, mobile devices, biotechnology and medical care applications. It also supplies glass products used in LiDAR sensors for autonomous driving, such as through-glass via (TGV) and 3D glass circuits.

(3) Others
In addition to heat sink products and glass products, the company supplies various metal materials, silicon materials and processed ceramic products such as aluminum nitride and aluminum oxide. It also supplies diamond tools for glass and ceramic processing.



テクニスコグループはヒートシンク製品及びガラス製品の製造・販売を行うテクニスコ、ガラス製品の製造・販売とヒートシンク製品の販売を行う中国のTECNISCO(SuZhou)、シルバーダイヤ製造及びヒートシンク製品の製造・販売を行うシンガポールのTECNISCO Advanced Materialsの連結対象子会社、並びに業績への影響が小さいため非連結対象のドイツのTECNISCO EUROPEで構成されている。


また、海外売上高の比率が高く、22/6期では中国が41.5%、米国が15.7%、欧州が12.9%、そしてアジアが2.8%を占めている。特に中国の拡大が顕著だが、レーザー機器メーカーであるWuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologiesへの売上高が急速に拡大し、中国での売上高に占める割合が21/6期の4割超から、22/6期には5割弱へ拡大したことが影響している。






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