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192A 東証グロース(サービス業)




(公開日 2024.06.21)


Integroup(192A TSE Growth)

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Providing M&A intermediary services to small and medium-sized companies on a full contingency fee-based system

Providing M&A Intermediary Services to Small and Medium-sized Companies on a Full Contingency Fee-based System
Integroup provides M&A intermediary services to small and medium-sized companies on a full contingency fee basis. The company has set the minimum contingency fee at a low level of 15 million yen. Among small and medium-sized companies, Integroup’s strength lies in handling those with net sales of 1 billion yen or less and small-scale projects with contingency fees of 50 million yen or less.

M&A intermediaries are specialized firms that contract with both sellers and buyers to serve as negotiators and coordinators from a neutral perspective to facilitate successful M&As. They are used mainly by small and medium-sized companies. The company provides services primarily as an M&A intermediary, but depending on the deal, it may also act as a financial advisor.

Integroup's M&A intermediary service operates on a system where a single consultant provides comprehensive support from the initial consultation through to the closing. As the one-stop support structure allows consultants, who are familiar with the entire M&A process, to consult with clients. This engenders trust and enables the provision of high-quality services tailored to each client's needs.

Adopted Competitive Fee Structure for Small-scale Projects
The company employs a full contingency fee-based system and receives neither a retainer nor interim or monthly fees. This lowers the hurdle for requests and consultations, allowing customers to use the service with peace of mind. Meanwhile, because the company operates on a full contingency fee-based system, time is required from project start to the recording of net sales. This can result in significant sales fluctuations each fiscal year.

While most listed M&A intermediary firms charge minimum contingency fees (excluding tax) of 20–25 million yen, the company has set its fee at 15 million yen. The company is also competitive in its pricing for the smaller-scale projects it targets.












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