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175A 東証グロース(情報・通信)


Will Smart


(公開日 2024.04.19)


Will Smart(175A TSE Growth)

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Promoting digital transformation (DX) in the mobility industry

Providing Systems to Promote DX in the Mobility Industry
Will Smart's business consists of the mobility segment, which provides system development and operation services to companies in the mobility industry that are engaged in the movement of people and goods, and the import segment, which imports overseas mobility equipment and sells it to trading companies engaged in the domestic retail business. Its mainstay mobility business accounted for 91.5% of net sales in fiscal year ended March 2023. However, the company plans to withdraw from the import business in fiscal year ending March 2025.

Main Mobility Services
The company not only conducts contracted development of individual systems but also constructs the Will-MoBi platform, which offers system development and services for the mobility industry, and provides system packages for the platform for various operations.

Will Smart provides the following four main services.
1) A comprehensive information distribution service that utilizes digital signage to display public transportation service operation statuses in public transport, public spaces, outdoor areas, facilities and stores;
2) a cloud computing support service that allows customers to shift their on-premise sales and reservation systems to the cloud and to develop core sales systems for new businesses;
3) a mobility system service that utilizes vehicle data, including location, remaining fuel and vehicle information obtained from in-vehicle devices to provide an IoT gateway package for vehicle management such as car sharing, as well as a reservation system for car sharing, rental cars and EV chargers; and
4) an AI and data science service that provides local governments, local public transportation service providers and such customers with services to analyze and visualize service usage data of multiple transportation operators and local municipalities for mobility-related verification tests and reorganization of local public transportation services.


Will Smartは、IoTとWebシステム開発技術を活用し、人と物の移動に関わるモビリティ業界のデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)を推進するシステムの開発と運用サービスの提供等を行っている。

Will Smartの事業セグメントは、モビリティ業界の企業を顧客としてシステム開発と運用サービス等を行う「モビリティ」セグメントと、海外のモビリティ機器を輸入し、国内の小売事業を行う商社向けに販売する「インポート」セグメントからなる。


モビリティの主要サービスとして、Will Smartでは個別システムの受託開発に加え、モビリティ業界向けのシステム開発やサービスを提供するプラットフォームとして「Will-MoBi(ウィル モビ)プラットフォーム」を構築し、その上で各業務に応じたシステムパッケージの提供も行っている。







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