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Hikari Food Service(138A TSE Growth)

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Implementing a dominant strategy for small standing bars near major stations

Engaged in the Food and Beverage Business from Nagoya, Focused on Small Standing Bars
Based in Nagoya, Hikari Food Service specializes in the food and beverage business, primarily operating small standing bars that are approximately 10 tsubo in size. These bars mainly target single office workers aged between their 30s and 50s.

As of November 2023, the company operates a total of 54 bars, including 31 directly managed bars, 8 bars under contracted operation and 15 franchised bars. Contracted operation bars are a form of business where the company prepares and rents out its bars to employees who wish to operate them independently. The company then engages these employees under contract to manage the bars. The company's business areas include Aichi Prefecture, centered on its headquarters in Nagoya, the 23 wards of Tokyo, Hiroshima City, Sendai City, Akita City and Morioka City.

The company operates and offers four brands or store types. “Daikoku” is a small standing izakaya bar known for its main dish of pork skewers. The average customer spends about 2,200 yen per visit. “Uotsubaki” is also a small standing izakaya bar. It mainly serves sashimi, tempura and sushi, with the average customer spending about 2,200 yen. Among the company’s standing establishments, Daikoku is the main brand and Uotsubaki is the sub-brand.

“Kanayamaya” is a ramen shop where the average customer spends around 950 yen, and “Yakiniku Deluxe” is a yakiniku restaurant that mainly offers its all-you-can-eat menu with the average customer spending about 3,500 yen.

Small Stores with Efficient Management and High Profit Margins
Standing bars have no restrictions on seat numbers. Additionally, the customers only stay for a short time and turnover is high. Low rent and labor costs are also contributors to high business efficiency. For example, a 10-tsubo store would break even on monthly sales of about 3 million yen. Currently, the monthly sales of directly managed stores are about 5 to 6 million yen, and the company-wide operating profit margin is high at 11.8% for fiscal year ended November 2023.














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